Meet Julia

Julia's Career Match

Julia’s tweak to her studies has sent her on a more exciting career trajectory and one that feels more completely satisfying to her.

Registered Nurse

Julia had always imagined herself in a career as a nurse. Her mother and aunts were nurses, some of her friends are also pursuing nursing and she has never considered any other career. In her first 2 years of university she participated in placements as well as the academic learning. Whilst she did not dislike the career choice, she was surprised to find that it did not fully motivate her.

Nursing Instructor

After completing her Career Explorer, Julia recognises that she is motivated by helping people to achieve goals and admires the teaching staff at university. This reinforcement has inspired Julia to complete her degree, gain further work experience and then commence further studies focusing in adult education. She is confident that a combination of nursing and adult education will position her for a role as nursing instructor.

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