For Parents

Help your child find a career they'll love

For Parents

Help your child find a career they'll love

Help your child start their career journey today!

We all want our children to be successful and to enjoy their career, however talking to your teen about career choices and career planning can be a daunting task. You don’t want to push your child into something they don’t like or are not interested in.

The good news is, you can take out the guesswork and gain clarity over your child’s work future with PRISM Career Mapping.

Based on Neuroscience, PRISM Career Mapping will give you powerful insights into your child’s true desires and what careers are most suited for them.

PRISM Career Mapping is a tool based on neuroscience that helps in identifying a person's interests, skills, and values, and matching them with suitable careers. By gaining insights into your child's true desires, you can guide them in making informed decisions about their future career and help them find a career path that they will enjoy and be successful in.

How It Works

the Quiz

Answer easy questions to discover your skills, values, interests, work aptitude and behavioral strengths.

your report

View your comprehensive report with insights into who you are and which careers are most suitable for you.

Gain access to our Career Database

Explore over 900 different careers including the top 5 which relate to your profile results.

Map out their future together


Understand their behavioural strengths

Help your child to understand their behavioural strengths and which careers will enable them to capitalise on those strengths.


Identify and Measure their Work Aptitudes

Identify and measure their work aptitudes – what will they enjoy learning and what are they naturally good at doing


Review your Child's Matches

Review a list of suggested careers which aligns with your child's interests, values, and preferred behaviours.


Explore our Careers Database

Explore over 900 careers including skills required, typical job activities, education and training required for each career.


Make informed decisions about course choices

With the information you receive, you will be able to assist your child to choose the right subjects to enable entry into university, TAFE, apprenticeships, or other training programs.


Gain access to career tips & advice

Access information on job searches, resume writing, interview techniques, and more.

What other parents are saying

Empower your child to find the right career for them

With PRISM Career Mapping, you can help your child to identify their interests, values and preferred behaviours.

Once completed your child will receive a thorough report which will offer them powerful insights into the types of work that are most suited to them. Together with a database of over 900 jobs to explore, your child will be guided to find a career that they will love!

The information obtained through PRISM career mapping can be helpful in guiding your child's academic and career choices. By understanding the skills, education, and training required for a particular career, you and your child can determine which subjects and courses are relevant and necessary for pursuing that career.

This can help your child make informed decisions about the subjects they choose in high school or college, ensuring that they are taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements for entry into university, TAFE, apprenticeships, or other training programs.

Help your child discover their career path today!

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