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November 04, 2022




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What is neuroscience? And, why is it important for career decision making?

Try asking a teenager about what they plan to do when they leave school and you may be met with a grunt or a groan.  Why is that?  And, what can you do to help your child with planning their career path? A teen’s brain can be overwhelmed by career choices As teenagers get closer […]

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Careers: Passion, logic, money. Follow your heart, your head or a pay cheque?

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions a high school student can make. It can shape the trajectory of their life and set them on a path towards success, fulfillment, and happiness. But when it comes to deciding on a career, there are often conflicting voices: follow your passion, follow your head, or […]

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How Do You Talk To Your Teen About Their Career Choices?

Talking to your teen about career choices and career planning can be a daunting task. You don’t want to push your child into something they don’t like and they’re not interested in. Maybe guiding your teen through the process of choosing a career path is completely foreign to you. You don’t know what to say, […]

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