As you approach your senior years in high school are you scared about what comes next?

Are you confused about what you want to do when you finished school?

How do you know what jobs will be right for you?

What subjects and what courses are best for you to ensure that you succeed in your chosen career path?

We understand that students can experience anxiety as you struggle to decide on a life plan. The expectation that you need to figure it all out and decide on a life plan whilst you are still young is unrealistic.

What we do encourage you to do, is to not too much pressure on yourself but at the same time dream big! There is every chance you’ll have several careers in your lifetime and planning for your future can be exciting.













With PRISM Career Mapping we help you learn about yourself and to gain clarity over your work future by using our easy online assessment tool. Based on Neuroscience, Prism Career Mapping will give you powerful insights into your desired behaviours and what careers are most suited for you.

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  • Discover yourself and the sort of activities that energise you.
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